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Music has been a passion of mine for a long time. When I first started listening, I listened to slower music. Now, I listen to a lot of club music that is typically more grungy in nature. I destroyed my brain in the last few years listening to higher tempo music and now I can't stop. But, I've been enjoying my music journey and I'm excited about where it takes me

I used to not go to concerts before last year because I used to hate spending money on something that was months in the future. But, the lineup for last years ACL festival was too good to pass up. I had the time of my life and now I've been seeing a lot of my favorite artist live. So far this year I've seen 100 gecs. In a few days I'm going to see Paramore for the second time, and I have King Krule and ACL tickets already purchased.

My favorite artist on this table has to be Shygirl. She makes gay club music and she's super creative. I really like the samples that she uses too. The Song "Wildfire" That I have listed in the table is my favorite from her. I'm making a music video with this song next month. Pre production is mostly finished, but I still need to contact one other actor and then we can start filming! Love her music...

Favorite Artist Song Album
Grimes Genesis Visions
Shygirl Wildfire Nymph
Miley Cyrus Space bootz Dead Petz