Marble> picture of marble screaming

Marble is my cat and I'm very obsessed with her. She's a larger lady and she'g gorgeous and I cant imagine my life with out her. I got her in September of 2020 shortly after I moved. I lived alone, and didn't go outside much due to covid. Talking to my walls started feeling a bit crazy so I adopted her pretty quickly into my lease. I got her from the Humane society. Her legal name is Linda Flynn Fletcher, who is the mother from Phinneas and Ferb. I call her that when she's being bad.

My two other roomates also have cats so I am pretty much filled with cat content every single day. It's a little hectic, but we make it work. She gets along with them pretty well, and they all like to hangout. Marble is the type of cat that greets strangers at the door, and she loves to lay on my balcony in the sun. To the blind eye, I think someone would think she's a simple lady who doesn't need much. While that is true, I think she has a lot of personality compared to the average cat, and she definetely feels a lot more like a human than the other two cats in my apartment.

I used to consider myself a dog person growing up. I only had dogs and didn't really understand cats. But, after a second thought, I think I understand cats a lot more than dogs. Marble is very opionated whenever she's uncomfortable. I think that has helped me better understand small social cues that cats exihibit.

Food Marble likes eating the most are