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picture of myself

I'm a student at Texas State University, and I'm a senior Digital Media Innovation Major. I began my Texas State journey in 2020. I started during my sophomore year after transferring from my hometown college. I even left the university to go to ACC for a year, and ended up back at Texas State to get my bachelors. I'm excited to graduate in the fall and start my career.

I've been involved in film production for the last few years. This isn't going to be what I'm graduating with, however. Having spent time in the film program and working in austin, I thought that getting a degree that would fimilarize myself with technical aspects of preprodcution would fit me better. I learn this is school, and get real world experience outside of school through my internship. It's been working out pretty well!

Things I like to do besides film production vary from day to day. The consistent hobbies in my life include discovering new music, being at home, and seeing friends. I value quality time, so whenever I'm not busy I like to take things slow and chat with the people close in my life. I've been really busy the past year so this is osmething I've been trying to prioritize. This has not been going as well as the previous paragraph though.

Email- jrk136@txstate.edu

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