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I've been pursuing film for the last three to five years. Only now do I feel like I've actually accomplished some thing though. The past year I've help work on Multiple commercials, and wider rnage productions that don't even contain filmmaking on my side. I've been having a lot of fun with it and am really proud of my portfolio. Before working on real sets, I thought that actual production was my favorite part. I'm not sure if I'm only saying this because being a PA is not the most fun position, but pre produciton has been really fun for me.

This year I got to work on the set of a nationally broadcasted commercial for Super Coffee, and I still had a lot of fun even though I didn't do much. My boss at Pillarboxed (the company I work for) directed the commercial and it was super cool watching a high budget commercial get produced right in front of my eyes. I think once I start working more on the inside I'll enjoy it even more. I also just finished a job with the production company that produced an event for Amazon Influencer progrom. Me and fiteen others basically created the entire experience from scratch and it was really neat working on something so large with such a small team.

I worked with my boss at the Amazon job, and we were both at the same level of positions. It was weird but I think it improved our relationship even more because we both had equal responsibility. Because of that, last week she gave me the title of Associate Producer at Pillarboxed. So, I'm not an intern anymore! It still feels a little weird calling myself that- especially since I haven't done anything with the title. But, its only been a week so I need to be patient.

Positions I enjoy the most in film are